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The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Section (JEDI-AAEM) Section was created in 2020, with the inaugural section leadership starting in 2021. With over 250 members joining in the first two years, membership steadily increases each year. JEDI-AAEM serves to promote and increase diversity throughout the practice of emergency medicine (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and ability) throughout our subspecialty at every level of leadership. The JEDI-AAEM Section aims to actively support and mentor underrepresented minorities and culture champions at various stages of education, training and career, through mentorships, education and scholarships as well as collaborate with reputable organizations that support such efforts.

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JEDI-AAEM Mentorship: An Introduction to Implicit Bias

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JEDI-AAEM has partnered with URevolution Inc. to bring you these "Be Inclusive" designs to promote inclusivity as well as raise funds for our section.

URevolution Inc. is a Black, disabled, woman-owned social enterprise founded by Corinne Gray in 2018 with a mission to tell better stories about life with chronic illness or disability. Corinne, who identifies as neurodivergent, promotes justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion through her original designs, as well as working as an independent DEI consultant.

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JEDI-AAEM is excited partner with GreenCloud to bring you JEDI-AAEM apparel and raise funding for our section!

You'll receive a 10% discount on your order each time you use code "JEDI-AAEM." In addition, GreenCloud will donate $5 to JEDI-AAEM for each order (not each item purchased).

The JEDI-AAEM logo may be placed on GreenCloud Walker Jackets and Blackwell scrub tops with the option of also having your name and specialty embroidered under the logo.

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